Tuesday, December 9, 2014

JWRP Israel: Day 2

Day 2: We woke up to a sumptuous Israeli breakfast -- some of us well-rested, others not so much! We were again treated to an engaging seminar with Nili Couzens. The topic was relationships. 

Yesterday's theme of positivity, carries through to our relationships with our significant others. We CHOOSE whether to focus on the positive or negative traits in our partners. 

I say "partners" because I am divorced. This means I may have made a have mistake or two in my past relationships. I am only human. However, being in a relationship of almost five years with an incredible man, this seminar resonated with me. I want to get it right this time! I thought about my boyfriend Leo and his many virtues -- his kindness, his creativity, his consideration. These are just a few of his traits which I value and love. Note to Self: Remind Leo every day that he is an amazing man! As Nili said, complimenting our partner is an instrument of love.
We then got on the bus to mystical city of Tzfad. As our bus climbed the Galilee Mountains to Tzfad, we climbed to a higher spiritual plain. We all felt very open and "available" to receiving spiritual signs. Many of the women experienced much emotion in the sacred sites we visited. We toured the mikveh and learned about the close-knit relationship between our physical and spiritual beings. We talked about renewal and fresh starts. We toured two ancient synagogues, then did some shopping at the many galleries and Judaica stores dotting the scenic mountaintop town. 

During our Tzfat dinner, (at an incredible location with a definite middle eastern flair,) we were seated with women from other geographic areas. I sat next to a lovely woman with whom I had much in common. She, too, is divorced and we talked about the morning's seminar, and relationships in general. The evening, again, ended with a spirited round of dancing. I think I might lose weight with all this exercise! Now we are Jerusalem bound. So excited to visit this holiest of cities!

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